LabLearner® –Our science lab is growing!   We will be ready for classes in September.

OptionC- this will be our new electronic grading system, student record management, and method of parent communication beginning in September.

A new website is in the works for SDS!

New additions to St. Dominic School—

Please join in welcoming some new faculty members to  SDS.

Mr. Ralph Ciarroco returns to SDS!  Mr. Ciarroco is excited to be back at SDS, and we are thrilled to have him.  Mr. Ciarroco will be the 8th grade homeroom teacher and Math teacher in the Middle School Academy (MSA).  He will also be teaching 8th grade Science and Religion.

Ms. Emily Koerner has joined the faculty full time!  Ms. Koerner was our LTS in 8th grade teaching 8th  Religion,  Reading, and Science in the MSA.  This year, Ms. Koerner will be the 6th grade homeroom and teach 6th grade Religion, Science, and Language Arts in the MSA.

Ms. Elizabeth Yancey has joined the faculty!  Ms. Yancey was our “teaching fellow” in 4th grade last year.  This year, Ms. Yancey will be an addition to our 4th grade.

Ms. Lara Kuczmanski has joined the faculty!  Ms. Kuczmanski is in the ACESJU program and will be the LS teacher for grades 2, 3, and 4.



Great News…

We are so excited to announce that beginning this fall St. Dominic School is able to offer FREE breakfast and FREE lunch to all our students!  More information to follow….. (7/15/15)


Thank you faculty, staff, parents and students for a wonderful 2014-2015 school year!

We look forward to new programs and great things coming our way to give our students the best learning experience.  We have much to do to get ready for the 2015-2016 school year.

Let’s keep learning going strong over the summer.  The summer reading assignment and summer math book will help your child retain skills and be better prepared in September.  Remember- summer reading and math will be collected and graded by your child’s teacher.  Set a goal– at least 15 minutes for reading and15 minutes for math daily.  Of course– feel free to do more!

Beginning July 1, 2015- the office will be open with summer hours–Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am – 3:00pm. Please call ahead.

Thank you for your dedication to St. Dominic School.

May God bless you and keep you safe during the summer months.

See you soon!


A very, very special thank you to Mrs. Jen Rooney for a

wonderful job creating and maintaining the school’s Facebook News page.

It is the “go to” for the most current information and details about everything at SDS.  Please know the faculty and administration appreciate your talents  and time!  


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Northeast Times Article

Father Kearns: Restoring Faith

Northeast Times Restoring Faith


Look for additional news and events

on our Facebook page

Please check the following pages for updates:

Please check the following pages for updates:



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Parents can receive money back toward Catholic school tuition simply by purchasing gift cards through our Scrip Program.  Please find more information about the Scrip Program at St. Dominic School on the Resources for Parents Tab. There are plenty of opportunities for you to support our school.   Choose a link below:

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